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In this guide, we will:
  • In this guide, we will:

    • Download and install Eclipse IDE

    • Download the OpenPnP source code from Github

    • Import the OpenPnP Maven project into Eclipse, and configure the project.

    • Run OpenPnP for the first time

  • Note: machine configuration and running SMT jobs will be covered in other guides.

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Head to:
  • Head to:

  • It should auto-detect your OS. You might have to select 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • Under “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers”, click the appropriate download link.

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  • Click 'Download now'

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  • Wait for the download to finish.

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  • Note: Eclipse doesn't come with an installer.

  • Instead, when the download completes, and the download is unzipped, you'll end up with a bunch of files and folders, including an Eclipse executable.

  • Place these files and folders somewhere safe, like C:\projects\eclipse or /home/username/eclipse

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  • Launch Eclipse.

  • Eclipse will ask you to select a workspace. Select the default unless you want to put it somewhere else.

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  • Eclipse will throw up this stupid welcome screen, that hides the entire IDE window, making it confusing for some new users. Close it.

  • Click the 'x' in the tab bar (circled in RED in the picture to the left).

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  • At this point, we'll minimize the Eclipse IDE and download OpenPnP.

  • Head over to the OpenPnP Github repository

  • Highlighted in orange, is the HTTPS clone URL. With this URL, you can clone the repo using your favorite Github client. This is the recommended way of cloning OpenPnP.

  • Highlighted in yellow, is the Download ZIP button. This will allow you to download a snapshot of the repo. This is NOT recommended, because it will make it difficult to pull in new changes as the repo is updated. It will, however work in a pinch if you're in a hurry and don't care about having the latest and greatest code.

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  • I'll use Atlassian SourceTree for this demonstration.

  • We will cover doing this from the commandline in the next step. You can use either of these, or your favorite Git client.

  • Download and install Atlassian SourceTree. NOTE: It will ask for you to create a login.

  • Open SourceTree and click File -> New / Clone

  • Click Clone from URL

  • Paste the URL, and select a destination path.

  • Hit Clone. This will clone the repo onto your local PC, into the path that you selected.

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  • TBD

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  • Click File -> Import...

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  • Click 'Import Existing Maven Project'

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  • Click 'Browse...'

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  • Navigate to the directory that contains OpenPnP (or whatever other project you're trying to import)

  • There should be a 'pom.xml' in the folder that you are trying to select.

  • Click 'Open'

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  • Click Finish.

  • Eclipse will now import the Maven project. This shouldn't take long.

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  • Find '' inside of the org.openpnp java package (that is located in src/main/java).

  • Right click on '', and click 'Run As -> Java Application'

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  • NOTE: This step is for Windows users only. Mac and Linux users can skip this step.

  • Specify the native library path to OpenCV. Right click>Run As>Run Configurations Under the tab ‘Arguments’ in the section ‘VM Arguments’, add:

  • -Djava.library.path=lib\native\windows\x64 for Win64, or:

  • -Djava.library.path=lib\native\windows\x86 for Win32.

  • Make sure to separate with a space if you are adding to existing arguments.

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  • At this point, OpenPnP should start. At this point, it is not configured to work with a FirePick Delta. You can play around with the interface, but it won't do PnP until you've configured it to use the camera(s) and the motion controller, at a minimum.

  • It is recommended at this point to configure your machine.xml so that OpenPnP can see your hardware.

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