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  • In this guide, we'll be setting up the debug logging configuration for OpenPnP.

  • OpenPnP uses a framework called log4j that does the heavy lifting of logging debug data.

  • The configuration file that contains which bits of information are logged, is contained in, which is located in the .openpnp directory.

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Open the file in a decent text editor.

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  • A lot of stuff can be ignored in this file for now, but we will change a few things from info level to debug level. This will log more stuff to the console that can be helpful for debug logging.

  • Turn on driver debug logging by finding the line that says and change the info string to debug.

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  • At this point, you can run OpenPnP and it will log some data to .openpnp/log

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  • Navigate to the .openpnp/log directory, and locate the latest log (it's helpful to sort by time).

  • Load it in a text editor.

  • You will see that log4j has logged debug-level information out to this file. This information will come in handy for troubleshooting purposes.

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